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Update on the wee ones

Two-point-five weeks into their captivity, the kittens – all boys! – are doing amazingly well. They are all purring like mad, growing more confident in their dog crate home, and even enjoying being held. I credit the fast socialization with … Continue reading

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But I don’t have time for kittens….!

As I said previously, my joy at finding the kittens alive and well was mixed with apprehension that this is a very crazy time of year for me, and I have precious few moments to spare for socializing a brood. … Continue reading

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Finally… the kittens appear!

I keep thinking someone is going to call the Sheriff on me someday, as I lurk around the backs of buildings, or trespass into side yards, seeking the elusive stray. In the last few days especially, as I’ve anxiously tried … Continue reading

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